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Re: Steve-bashing and SMU Consulting

Originally Posted by SunseraWarman View Post
Steve, do you have an example of a sales training manual you'd be willing to share? I've been putting one together and made a post about it asking if anyone else has one and got no input.
I think your sales training manual must be built around your specific business model and proven successful sales techniques. I write business Manuals for my clients based on the business model established for that salon. It is not what most want to hear but as a successful salon owner or salon chain you should never share what makes you successful with the competition. That is what franchises or Consultants are for. They have established a formula or business model that can be transplanted into any market with slight adjustments successfully and is too valuable to just give away.

I am sure that franchise companies and Consultants and others in that category are more than willing to provide a limited amount of very useful information that all operators can benefit from but most things of supposed great value that are given away are not game changers.

I don't have a stock Training manual that I can share but there is always some sort of procedure manual floating around on these sites that may give you some ideas.

I recommend unless you are using a proven business model that always comes with supporting material I suggest that you put your specific business model into written form and build a sales training manual around that using some sales techniques and training procedures that you personally found to be successful.

Remember that in doing so a good training foundation is built around communication, product knowledge and knowing when to close the sale.

Remember for a tanning salon sales are easy when you realize that when a tanner visits your salon they are telling you that they want to buy what you are selling. If you are not talking to them you can't sell them.

This is why when you are hiring your staff you must identify those that can strike up a conversation with anyone. Finding people that are not afraid of people or talking to people.

Also remember that a sales manual is only a tool that you use to support the actual training that you or your manager must provide regularly. Also remember that you can't train someone once. Training should be repetitious and fun. That is why it must be done at least once a month. It must not last more than an hour except the annual sales training event can be much longer and incorporate awards, rewards, entertainment and departmental training, product, and tanning training. There is a difference in a sales meeting and a procedure meeting.

Sorry for the long answer.
Stephen Underhill
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