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Re: Membership - MANY approaches...

Originally Posted by peach View Post
Why does everyone assume that 100% of their customers can be "locked in"? and, Why would a satisfied customer want to "try a competitor?"

Many customers are now tanning for a specific reason ie-vacation, prom, wedding, a cruise etc. Now why would those people want to pay for that for 12 months? 9.99 sounds cheap until you look at the cost of a year of efts, ($120) the waiting that you will do to get into those 2-3 base beds, and possibility of your CC info being stolen.

The only reason that a customer of yours will try a competitor is if they are dissatisfied with your store.

PS-why would anyone want to buy a package that requires that you pull $1 out of your purse every time you tan? (that is so 1990's)
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