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Re: Membership - MANY approaches...

Originally Posted by sunsally View Post
While most salons know about the use of an EFT program, many haven't considered other alternatives.

The ones I find work best are some version of a "co-pay".

For example:

1. $99 year unlimited with $1 co-pay

Pay $99 upfront, and $1 each time you use Level 1. Other levels available for the $1 plus normal upgrade prices.

2. Super Saver Single Membership

Pay some smaller amount upfront (e.g. $9.99 for a month, $49.99 for a year) and pay half-off single walk-in visits for any equipment you want, any time.

What other membership programs have you tried? If not membership, what are YOU doing to "lock in" customers to your salon and keep them from trying a competitor?
Why does everyone assume that 100% of their customers can be "locked in"? and, Why would a satisfied customer want to "try a competitor?"

Many customers are now tanning for a specific reason ie-vacation, prom, wedding, a cruise etc. Now why would those people want to pay for that for 12 months? 9.99 sounds cheap until you look at the cost of a year of efts, ($120) the waiting that you will do to get into those 2-3 base beds, and possibility of your CC info being stolen.

The only reason that a customer of yours will try a competitor is if they are dissatisfied with your store.

PS-why would anyone want to buy a package that requires that you pull $1 out of your purse every time you tan? (that is so 1990's)
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