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Re: Membership - MANY approaches...

Originally Posted by Tony View Post
Steve you want to put these generalizations into specifics? No one can implement what you just said!

Retention is the holy grail of EFT's. :)
Tony as you know, when a tanner stops tanning it is not because they all of a sudden no longer enjoy tanning. In most cases something in their life has caused them to change their routine that has been established that included tanning. It is up to you to be marketing your clients regularly as a reminder that they enjoy tanning and to insure that what ever caused them to change routine your communication efforts is likely to bring them back quicker. Also the level of interaction in the salon also creates a relationship that also strengthens that ability to market them. Use of media, email, text, social media effectively will reduce loss of tanner activity. Educating tanners as to the benefit of tanning during normal slower months will also encourage regular tanning.

There are 3 distinctive advertising seasons. When where and what you advertise during these 3 cycles is important. These are things that I am sure you know Tony. Operators can control their level of success as well as failure. I am not being vague, because each salon must be evaluated individually based on what they are currently working with.

When operators say I don't advertise because it did not work for me or I do not offer EFT memberships because it does not work. Indicates that they did not structure their attempts properly to make them work. It is not always what you do as much as how you do it that is important.

Yes I am a Consultant that restructures salons to be successful, however I try and give solid advice here that can greatly help salon owners. In many cases it takes some encouragement for salons owners to take responsibility for the problems they are having and to ensure them that those problems can be corrected.

Right now salons should be showing significant increases in sales over last year. If this is the case you are obviously doing things right with possible room for additional effort. If you are not showing increases you can sit on your hands and continue to decline or you can chose to change the direction of your salon and be one of those operators that are benefiting from strategic change.

Tony you too suggest change, granted it is to sell everything for $9.99 but you are suggesting change. change is good. Just make sure changes are not random.
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