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Re: New Customer Specials - why "FREE TAN" is the WORST!

Originally Posted by Tony View Post
close 60% + on an EFT on their first visit and it wont matter!
Can we talk about zoom tans competition killer? (Seems it's been called this prior?)

Anyhow, zero sign up fee's and $9.99 brown as a biscuit monthly eft tanning.

I believe there's a couple upgrade monthly's as well. Correct me tony if I am wrong? Like $19.99 and $29.99 for nicer bigger better stand ups from the standard stand up?

How easy would it be to sign up at $9.99. 60% sign ups on first visit. Heck yeah! I don't doubt this at all.

Location key correct? Must have some volumes for this to work. Tony looks for 1000 sign ups first month of any new location opening. Minimum $10,000.

Sure is a simple "special" I mean, zoom tan doesn't run specials at all. Etched in stone pricing. But $9.99 can't be beat...hence "competition killer" although salons do compete with lay down beds versus Tony's stand up only, salons.
Hmmm, but someone with deep pockets opening lay down bed salons at $9.99 could cripple the stand up model. Thus crippling each other in the long run? Won't happen will it tony? Or could it? Why not? Seems this industry is full of "matching competitors" pricing and or specials.

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