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Re: Tantracks Helios or insight ?

Originally Posted by RanmanAZ View Post
Helios bites!!! We are in the process of converting to Tan Track as we speak. None of them do everything we as salon owners want, but Tan Track does come close. And, Helios needs to get into the 21st century!! Point and click guys!! Without having to host your database on Helios servers!! Ease of use is the most important thing!! And in checking out all the different softwares, if you have a single store, then Tan Track seems to be the best!! IMHO!!!

I agree 100% that Helios must get in the 21 century lol

I've had Helios since 1999 and I'm growing sick and tired of it. It started off at $999 for the program and no monthly fee's but then in 2007 they switched to monthly fee's only and not being purchased outright.
It was $50 a month here in Canada, and now in 2013 its about $90 a month. Without the option of EFT because Helios hasn't offered that service in Canada yet.

But for $90 a month, it has about half the features of Tan Track. I do get 24/7 tech support with Helios though, so that's a good option, most of the tech support agents are pretty good but you do get the odd one who is pretty rude and quick on the phone.

I also wrote to Helios about the things I find annoying with the program ( half of them being easy to fix ) and they haven't made these updates yet. Most of the things I've asked for would benefit the majority of salons and not just me. They claim that most of the $90 a month is going towards research and development for a better software update in the future, but that clearly isn't true because they haven't taken one email of mine seriously yet.
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