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Re: New Customer Specials - why "FREE TAN" is the WORST!

Originally Posted by sunsally View Post
Enticing - and CAPTURING new customers - is a KEY to your success!!

WORST SPECIAL you can offer, hands down:

One free tan


Because you "get them there" - and give yourself the worst opportunity to "convert" and keep them there!

With a single free tan offered to a new customer, you have to:

-Get them in the door

-Fill out all the paperwork

-Tour them around your place (hopefully you DO this!)

-Try to talk to them about lotion

-Try to explain your salon pricing setup/structure

-Come up with the unit they will be using (and the WORST of the WORST is a single free tan where their ONLY option is your lowest level bed!)

-Skin type them to set safe tan time

-Show them to the unit, let them tan

AND THEN .....

Either let them walk out the door - and HOPE they come back!

OR - try to ALSO talk them into some sort of package/membership - when they still haven't really "experienced" your salon (or just finished tanning, but with all the prework have already been there for 30 minutes and are ready to get the heck out, not now consider a package purchase!)
we have always offered 1 free visit, and thats all people need to see that our beds are so much better than anyone else around...
I guess it depends on what equipment one is working with...for us it works!
Maybe you can tan on the internet too!
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