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Re: Best used High Pressure Bed

Originally Posted by TheTanistry View Post
Thank you. I will definitely be giving you a call. In my area the competition have beds like the Ultra Bronze 950, Future Sun and the Sunboard. So something comparable would be best for me. Here in Los Angeles, CA we charge $40 for a single session in the Ultra Bronze bed, but a lot of people do not like laying in the bed for 22 minutes. So My room size can hold a bed about the size as the solarwind bed I currently have, but I am not sure on the dimensions at this time.
You would have to consider a 10x10 size room at minimum. Your Solarwind 5000 is probably in that size, if not bigger. Also, consider door size into the room you select. Be sure bed can squeeze thru.

I like BIG rooms. I know real estate is expensive, but, IMO, beds (VHR/HP) should have room to 'breathe'; good air-flow around bed and not squeezed in tightly...but that's me
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