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Re: Best used High Pressure Bed

Thats like asking what used car gets the best gas mileage.

Many parameters here, like space available for bed size, proper ac/electrical for the right 'fit', demographics, don't need the best, if your customers would never pay for Atlanta, where I am, some salons demand and get up to $30 for an HP session. If you are in an area where customers would never even consider that, perhaps a hybrid bed would be a better fit...

Sportarredo Master Sun is an excellent bed..also, their 'Mix' and 'Joy'
Sun Italia..also good beds. May be more than 12K
UWE Sunboard for a different look of HP, 12K or less
Ultrasun JetPower, Turbo 2500..hybrids, but used about 12K or less
Some Mods here sell pre-owned and are reputable to work with. No doubt they will charm in and offer better advice....
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