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Re: New rules in Sweden, help me to choose bed!

The UWE/TuttiFrutti is the UWE Tropical in the USA. Though an 'old' bed, it is a good bed.

You mention the rules in Sweden have changed, and need to replace the Kettler (That was a good bed at one time, sold briefly in the USA back in the 90's), do you need to rid of the UWE also? If not, keep it. I would go with Ergoline, and if the dealer you could get it from is an authorized Ergo dealer, I'd feel comfortable with them.
The Luxura bed is a ProSun in the USA, but not as good as the Ergo. Alisun beds too were good and still are. Not as popular in the USA as they once were. In fact, I thought Alisun was the Euro arm of USA ProSun.

I would not buy any bed off ebay, unless you are able to see it perform before you buy, and BE THERE when they ready it to be shipped to you. You would need someone to connect it, so going thru a reputable dealer would be better, since 'set-up' could be part of the sale.
Out of the two Ego beds mentioned, the Advantage 400 would be my choice. Only because more lamps, better upgrade from the UWE (if you keep it).
Hope this helps
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