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Re: Legs look orange! Any advise?

Hmmm, if your other fair skinned clients didn't turn orange then my next thought would be that's it's something going on with her specifically. Could be her legs are a little drier then the rest of her skin so it's soaking up more of the solution (??). The insulin/diabetes could possibly have something to do with it too. I've never heard a correlation be made between the two but whenever someone is on meds it can alter a lot of things, hair, skin, nails, etc., so that's very possible! I would try calling South Seas and see what they say. I still carry their retail line, because it's awesome!, and offer a "dance tan" which I use their solution for, so I've have dealt with them many times, fantastic customer service, super nice and friendly!

There are DHA booster drops available that you could add in to make the solution darker, however I don't know if using drops from a brand that's different then your solution would have a negative affect or not, but it's something you could try!

I use Sjoile for my main solution . I love it, my clients love it, it's great! It's more of a brown tan then South Seas. To me, south seas gives a more golden color tan. It comes in 4 levels and also has booster drops available too if you don't want to mix solutions. I mix, so I've never tried the drops. That's another reason I switched my main solution to Sjolie, I don't like the "one size fits all" solutions. Clients love that you can customize their solution specifically for them! Are you using a PH balancer? That's important too, in my opinion :)
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