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Re: Norvell Hydrofirm Moisturizing Solution

I used to use the hydrofirm when I used the regular solution and it was great. It has a wonderful scent and does seem to make skin glow. I originally thought about offering it as an add-on treatment however I decided to charge a premium price and provide a salon quality service so that everything was included. Although I probably make a bit less money per tan it is better for both the client and saves me time which as a small business owner is huge.

I now use the Norvell One Solution and charge the same price but the appointment takes less time and I only use 1 gun rather then the 2 guns to apply the moisturizer . I like the One solution for several reasons it makes the Hydrofirm pointless since the client showers in 1-3 hours and I don't have to be concerned about a client waiting for 16 hours to shower and inadvertantly messing up their tan. Plus when I tan I can clean my equipment more easily and get on with business.

Hope this helps!
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