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Re: Vouge Tanning Lotion not Vouge???

Straight from my lotion rep iv been using for year ??? i only buy from reps never online but i bet the reps get it online because i see it cheaper than they sell it to me sometimes!!! all but one bottle was sealed good as if it was heat pressed backtogether and i had another bottle from one of my employees had from a different order last fall and that bottle was Crystal 10(black tube) from 2006 when i opened it as well. When you look at the lotion it was the same smell and lumpy as the 5 bad bottles. This is clearly a scam buy someone and my guess would be AG, I find it hard for a small company/person to seal up a bottle like it came from the i mentioned my rep said AG admitted it ??? either way im getting my cash back and never buying lotion that has been around for more two/three years on the market, which is sad because a lot of the older products work better that the new crap that iv been trying to sell by DS/AG/Devoted/ect...bust open your old bottles and call AG about it im sure theres a lot more out there!!! sad but true i will post some pics if its ok?
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