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Re: Fresh Marketing Ideas

Originally Posted by Din View Post
Referral contests also work great on Facebook.

In your Facebook group, do a mass message to all your members. The person that refers the most users to join your group will win whatever it is.... A Free Month, Bottle of Lotion, whatever.

Now that facebook has grown, lots of people have about 300 - 400 friends on average. So if each person on your group sends out your group link to join, you will increase your members greatly.

You can also put a coupon on your group that new clients can print for a FREE Tan or a $10 Gift Card or something along the lines of that.

Facebook is Free and can be effective for Business to Consumer advertising.

You should also have an instore referral program in place. You should have tent card referral cards on each tanning bed with the towel. Forcing them to remove the card from the bed each time so that they have to see it every time. Stating ONE FREE for more details. You can see samples on my website gallery of referral cards to give you ideas.

If you need any other help with your marketing, don't hesitate in contacting me. Call or email anytime.

how do you track who refers whom?
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