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Re: last minute tanners

Originally Posted by exoticexposure View Post
Why are we the only ones that are supposed to let someone in the door after we are closed? No other business is going to let you in after they are closed. I see things differently.
If you are not here in time before we close, then obviously tanning couldn't have been that important that day! You had 10 hours to come in. We will be back open tomorrow morning, have a great night!
I agree! I specifically have 2 tanners that like to show up around 5 to 10 minutes before we close everytime. I had to impliment a " Last full 20 minute tan 30 minutes before closing. They complained if I didn't have it posted I can't enforce it. So I posted it! One of them comes or calls everytime asking when we close - it's even posted in large letters on our door but she can NEVER remember it so she shows up right before we close just about everytime. The other one likes to show up 10 minutes before close and procedes to fall asleep during their session so because of these two I had to make that a policy. I have a family to go home to and I can make exceptions for most tannerrs but some really like to push it until the last minute.
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