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Crazy client!

So as many of you know I have been spraying full time for about 7 years now. This was a first for me.

I had a client no call/no show last week for her groupon spray tan . I banned her via my online scheduler. Week goes by, she creates a new account and schedules again. I email her letting her know per groupon fine print fee up to the groupon value applies to no shows or cancellations prior to 24 hours. Begs to let her book, says she will pay when she comes. Fine, see you tuesday.

Comes in today, is 10 min late to her 15 min appt (I am booked solid so there is no room for late appts). I decide to spray her anyways. Sell her xltan (i collect money on the end). She starts undressing in my lobby. Bring her to the spray room, give her instructions. Go in to spray her, she wont stand still, keeps touching herself and fidgeting. I explain about 3 times that she needs to stand still and although she has gotten sprayed by someone else before, we all do it differently and I like them to stand still. Finish spray. She starts touching herself. I ask her not to touch her spray as it will get on her hands and needs to dry. She starts complaining her feet are white, she is streaky, her ears are not sprayed (granted she has no mirror at this point). I explain about the temporary bronzers, how feet are not supposed to be as dark as the rest of her, how they are thicker skin and absorb color, etc. she keeps touching herself and then pointing out that she is white there...of course, you just rubbed it off. Spray her again to fix, she wipes it off with her hands...again. this happens about 5 times. Still complaining about her feet. I respray, complains, i spray again (at this point they are going to be crazy dark). I keep explaining to her why I dont want to do her feet as dark as she says (she also tells me she has very dry skin). I keep reiterating myself, explaining how the spray hasnt developed etc. SHe starts cussing at me that I am rude and defensive and she has been getting sprays longer than I have been alive and she knows what they are supposed to look like...ok fine, go dry. Continues to cuss at me and talk to herself as she is drying. I go outside to take deep breaths. Come back in and ask if she is done drying (she has been drying for about 5 minutes. Complains she is still wet and streaky. I ask her to get dress. Still cussing at me. At this point I have another tenant in the building with me since she is so hostile. She finally comes out, keeps cussing at me. I tell her to leave and I do not want her money nor for her to come back. She thanks me, but keeps cussing at me since I told her she is not welcome back. Look you no called, complained, didnt follow directions, I dont want to deal with you. Please leave. Neighbor has to escort her out. Stands in front of my building for 10 min screaming about how rude I am etc. Inform her I am calling the cops, goes across the street to her car and continues for another 10 min. She sees the cops pull up, she jumps in her car and leaves

WTH?! I have never had to fire a customer like this! I did my job, I accomindated her, I went above and beyond. I can not control them from touching themselves. It is like her mission was just to get a free spray tan to start with. I didnt even want her money, i wanted her gone. Oh she was 55 years old!

Anyways, just had to vent! Thanks!
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