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Re: TOP 5 Spray Tan Solutions

I'm going to tell you top 5 that i have continued to hear about on these boards

1. Jamaica me tan
2. Norvell
3. Sjolie (or however you spell that)
4. Tan Extraordinaire
5. Bronze

As as personal experience, ive tried Envy Tan and Be Bronze . Both are great, but Be Bronze (at offers a one size fits all like solution . One color that adapts to everyone. Where Envy tan is just the opposite. They offer a wide variety of shides... lot cooler.

I'm looking forward to trying jamaica me tan next because ive heard so much about this brand its unreal. Norvell of course, is just... norvell. famous for the name i suppose. havent heard near as many good things about norvell as i have jamaica me tan.

Never tried Bronzz , the one that advertises on this site 24/7. And the sample solutions that come with most maximists, like tan extraordinaire, tan envy, tan revive, and tanfastic are all orangish to me. Tried those and sprayed people with those and i only used them as a practice solution ...

hope i helped some... really hate it when i cant get answers to my questions, too... =) inbox me if youd like to stay in touch and continue to help one another .... im learning as well =)
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