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Re: Weird speckling

I don't know if the other posts helped, if so good. If not, this looks like tinea versicolor. I have it on my chest and neck ... treat it with antifungal cream (expensive if doc provides it) you can get over the counter and it works ok, but the best is ugh I even hate to say it, Extra Strength Vagisil. Yes, I rub vagisil on my chest, lol. My instructions from doc are: shower before bed and exfloiate area and around the area really well. Apply cream thickly. Cover the area and area around it. Then sleep withthe area covered, in your case pants. In the morning shower and exfoliate again. You will still have discoloration but the fugus is treated so wait a few days and then get those spots tan. Varies by person but my doc suggests doing this once a month to prevent future outbreaks. :)

PS I suggest doing it at night because the cream stinks and is sticky ... Also, this is very common, especailly amoung swimmers, a swim coach would have spooted this immediatly (no punn intended, well maybe a little lol) Hope this helps :)
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