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Re: Yet another mystic vs versaspa post

I have had both. But also consider this...I have had so much feedback since I have owned both. There are so many people that have returned to spray tanning in my store because of the Versa Spa.

They did not like being in a closet and stuck breathing in the mist in our Mystic booth. It was also like a box of never knew what you were going to get...streaking, bad hands and feet. Just another consideration if the booth does not blow dry you.

I do more way more booth sprays than air brush. I can do better pricing on the booth and no employees needed. Plus, so many people want the privacy and faster results.

I am pretty fair skinned. If you want to judge your solution find a really fair skinned person. I will say that the VS does my hands and feet about the best I've ever had...pretty flawless.

Love it so much more than air brush actually. Not sure about the new Mystic, but with our other unit I was an ungodly mess and I had to hide my hands and feet in public till it wore off.

Have not used the new Mystic booth.
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