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Re: Would a normal UV bulb clear up my acne? (If the Tanning bed does)

Originally Posted by engfant View Post
"Also, the light therapy I mentioned above causes the skin to actually "correct, heal, and PREVENT" many skin conditions as opposed to just treating them with tanning."

Ok NOW we are slinging the hosshit! I thought you were against this nonsense of "bashing one to promote another"!?!?!

Yeah, and spray tanning is the "safe alternative". Both of these safer alternatives have this one problem...THEY DO NOTHING. You have to BELIEVE they are working as well as straight up tanning.

With tanning, it just works....real shot. Not IN A FEW WEEKS YOU'LL NOTICE YOUR WALLET GETTING THINNER, TIGHTER....

Bunch of horse crap.
Where do you see me bashing tanning? Eggy, you're reading between lines that aren't there. LED and Red and Infrared Light Therapy works by regulating oil production and distribution in the skin. The light is also PROVEN to speed up the healing process of wounds (such as acne and psoriasis).

Tanning clears up acne by killing the bacteria that causes acne but does nothing to regulate oil production in the skin.

I'm not bashing anything, those are just the characteristics of different forms of treatment. If you've ever had acne, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea and haven't tried red/infrared light therapy yet, I suggest you try it before you write it off as snake oil.
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