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Re: Salon for sale in Lakeland, FL (complete turn key)

Originally Posted by tanman0302 View Post
LYNARD...I do not want to open a salon in Lakeland, by best friend of 27 years does. I am just helping him since he in new to the industry and I have been in the industry since 1989!
Liberty, if you look at the dates of my posts they started BEFORE I called you and found out that you sent an e-mail that I never got. Then, after I called you and we established that, you resent it. Sorry I missed the line that said "let me know if you got this" but I went straight to the info you sent!
Yes, this was the first place I TRIED contacting you which everyone can see by the posts, you did not respond. So I called you. We met and I saw the salon, which the decor is nice but I am not fond of the equipment or setup! (wasted space and cannot add many beds) When we met we (Jay and I) gave you several #'s that you did not call. Instead you posted here saying I did not respond.
Lets make this easy...plain and simple. You salon IS NOT making a profit and is, in fact, making 50% less gross sales than when you bought it. You asking price would be reasonable IF you could gaurantee me that sales would go back to the $110,000, but obviously you CAN NOT!! Again, I advised my friend Jay that the salon is not worth much and he is still interested!?!? If you are still interested in selling, you can contact Jay directly at 203-465-9191 or 203-509-5070. I am staying out of this...the way I see it is $55,000 gross- $42,000 rent = money out of pocket. Like I have always heard on this site...Why would someone pay $20,000 to get a job that they have to pay to work at???
And, if you look at my original post, it says to contact me at my phone number or the email address I listed. Of course, we discussed this when we spoke by phone. And, once we talked by phone, I called you probably 3 or 4 times to get a time set up to meet you there. I think that's hardly someone who is dodging communication with you.

How on earth would you expect anyone to guarantee you that sales would be $110,000? Obviously, no one could. I think my asking price is reasonable to someone who has experience in tanning or marketing because:
a. The equipment alone is worth the asking price.
b. The salon has shown sales potential of $100,000 + annually. If it was making $100,000 a year now, then I would be asking much more than what is currently listed.

I don't know the skill level of your friend (or you, for that matter), so I wouldn't even "guarantee" that you would make more than we do. For all I know, you could come in and take over, customers wouldn't like you, and never return.

If your friend Jay would like to talk to me, then have him call me. I currently have half a dozen people that I am talking to about it. I am not in a hurry to sell it, so to speak, but if we're still here next July, then oh well... We make more than enough from our other incomes to subsidize this one until then.
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