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Re: Salon for sale in Lakeland, FL (complete turn key)

Originally Posted by tanman0302 View Post
And lets get this sent me another e-mail because I CALLED YOU. If you called me back, my phone never rang and you didn't leave a message, but now you have both numbers I can be reached at. If you called my buddy Jay, he never returns calls and we gave you his # ONLY if you had stuff for him to pick up since he lives .4 of a mile away!!
I would suggest not rocking the boat since you also gave me valuable info about a competitor that closed that I can now call the landlord and set up a shop with NICE QUALITY beds with less headache!! Trust me Liberty, you don't want to compete with a 19 year tanning veteran!!
Rocking the boat? Where is this going? I tried contacting you by email and didn't hear back... so I posted here, the place where you initially found me at.

We know squat about the tanning business... we have several other successful businesses, and we intend to continue running those as we did before buying this salon. You know all of this already... and you also know that the two years before we bought it it made $105,000 and $90,000. We obviously aren't fit for the tanning industry, so we're selling it. If someone with your experience and know how were to take over, then I'm sure it would do much better.

I'm not sure why you are trying to devalue it and even make snide remarks to others who are posting here, even suggesting that we paid them to post.

For those playing along... my wife and I have not been hands on with this salon AT ALL. Our children have run it since basically day one. One daughter has moved on (going to pharmacy school), and the other two have now graduated high school and want to continue college in the fall. So, rather than hire someone else to come in, we've decided to sell. That's it... If you think you can make it profitable, then buy it, it's a great deal. If you don't think so, then don't buy it. And, if you want to rent out the space Planet Beach used to be in and be our direct competitor (that's the valuable information that he is referring to) then do that. We won't be here much longer anyway... either because we'll sell it, or we'll just get rid of the equipment once the lease is over next year.

Have a great day!
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