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Re: 4th of July parade

Originally Posted by Tan4Love View Post
My husband thinks these are great suggestions, however, I don't really want to see everyones ta-ta's! I just finished a special get 2 months of tanning for $60 or renew existing monthly tanning for $40.00 for 2 months. I only offer monthly and minutes. To keep it simple I am thinking of just putting 25% off packages and lotions on the coupon with my salon name and phone..want to keep it simple, as we will be attaching the coupons via a ribbon to the beads..
Do you have a webcam? Set up a Skype account and I'll see them and tell you how much discount you should give :)

Seriously though. It would be pretty catchy if you did a 25,25,25.

$25 Month (meet in the middle of 2 for 40 or 2 for 60)
25% off Lotion
25% off Packages
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