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Re: Marketing your business

Originally Posted by caribbean tan man View Post
theres no magic marketing and no marketing you should do or have to do....the key is being consistent and dumping what aint generating clients.

the marketing is only as good as the offer...if you spend 3k on a campaign and your offer is only 10% a probably just wasted 3k.

the advertisement is to get their attention...the offer brings them in!

DIN recently did a postcard campaign for my 10 yr event the offer was 10 days $10 was a huge success. we also sent a mass email, was in 2 local papers spotlight on business section (full page free) and sent the offer thru our text club, myspace and facebook..3 day only event that generated 3 weeks of kaos and record numbers...this is our best year ever and dont see it going back to the way it was..which wasnt bad!

and its all because of the offer..over 100 new clients in about a week..our advertising rep said our 2 comps dont understand how im so busy :)

Thanks for the info. Enlighten me on the "text club" you refer to. Is that a service you subscribe to? Also, is your Myspace and face book page set up for informational pages just like a web site?

Have you done 5 days for $10.00 or only the $10.00 for $10.00?

I'm looking for a starting place here. I don't have a Myspace, or Facebook page set up nor texting option. How would you start out?
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