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Re: White Spots on the side of face

No doubt NIZORAL is excellent treatment for white spots. But I recently study that there is not when skin condition that causes white spots on skin. Most of the condition are the depigmentation problems of skin. Depigmentation means loss of pigmentation of skin.
Most of the people realized by mistaken that white spots appear due to the tanning. It is not right. Actually in white skin people, white spots can not be observed easily due to the similar complexion of skin. After tanning when white coloration of skin turn into darken then due to the difference of coloration such white spots can be observed easily. And hence by mistake feel outcome of tanning whereas these white spots were present before tanning.
Another important thing regarding the treatment of white spots, diagnosis of actual skin condition that causes white spots is also important. Because there are many skin condition that causes such white spots as I read on
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