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Teeth whitening

The State of TN has determined that teeth whitening performed by anyone other than a licensed dentist is illegal. With that being said, I have 2 Bleach Bright LED Bleaching Lights for sale. One of them is still brand new in the box, (we were going to use it in a brand new location, opening mid Feb). Also, I have 50+ complete kits. I will sell the light units together or separate. This is a great potential for someone at a fraction of the cost of new. At only $79 per session, times 50, you could make $4000. Some salons charge up to $119 per session.
Asking $1800 per unit and will include 25 kits per machine.

Technical Specification

Wavelength 430~490nm
Total operation time 3 hours
Time to recharge approx. 8 hours
Emission time 20, 30, 40 min by modes
Dimensions Head : 250 x 170 x 770mm
Battery pack : 105 x 160 x 735mm
Weight Head : 500g (1.1lb)
Pole : 680g (1.5lb)
Fulcrum stand : 4800g (10.6lb)
Battery pack &
adapter: 1640g (3.6lb)

Total packing 10 Kg (22 lb)
Input power 100~240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Output power 6V DC, 2.2A
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