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Re: Dan Humiston Announces Run For U.S. Congress in 27th Congressional District

Mr. Belvedere and Supporters:

I am working with Dan to do the first ever live interview right here on and

Assuming there is interest, we would like to schedule this for some time in early September. (after Labor Day).

In the interim, I am serving as a liason between Dan's campaign and the online community. Dan is focusing on meeting as many people in the 27th District as possible. (lots of barbeques, rubber chickens and parades).

As regards your direct question, I believe last year 22 states or so, introduced legislation that if passed, would definitely hurt the Tanning Salons and the clients that they serve. Had Dan been in Congress already, 22 states would have been contacted by one of their own to discuss this and in my opinion only, a lot of the issues could have been avoided and/or resolved much more quickly. I also think more can be avoided by having a Congressman that comes from "our" industry.

Dan is worthy as a 23 year Professional Tanning small businessman, that speaks for itself. He is obviously going to be pro-tanning & protecting the interests of small business people wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself.

He is the Republican/Independent Party Candidate and is running in the most conservative District in the Greater Buffalo area. (also my home town). This is the same area that was represented by Jack Kemp (Republican and former Buffalo Bills Quarterback).

We would like to see a list of the questions and suggestions that the online community has to offer.

This is not about McCain, this is not about O'Bama -- this is about represnting Small Business & Professional Tanning! Let's help elect one of our own!

Please contribute today. Go Bills!

Max Recone
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Las Vegas, Nevada

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