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Re: New Concept here... airbrush tanning

Originally Posted by aloharedhots View Post
Unity...I would be willing to bet I know more about free radicals than you since I wrote my thesis for my PHD on that and Eicosanoids (if you want to know much about those you will have to go to a UNIVERSITY library, there isn't a whole lot on the net about them and they aren't in most dictionaries).
"Results 1 - 10 of about 507,000 English pages for Eicosanoids" in Google

Honestly, waving your "intelligence" around like some sort of penis size contest is getting a little old.

If you'd like, I'll get my brother who is doing his post doctorate work (which is what you do after you have a doctorate, so yes, he has a PhD) at Duke in genetics to write up some fancy info about wrinkles, skin cancer, sun, genetics and heredity if that would keep you quiet, but somehow, I don't think even he could convince you.
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