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Re: New Concept here... airbrush tanning

Originally Posted by aloharedhots View Post
You sun addicts are seriously like cocaine junkies defending their substance. No matter how many studies and facts I gave them about cocaine being bad for them they would argue with me too! What cracks me up is I am not even one of these people who wakes up and slathers myself with sunscreen everyday. I don't even use any SPF on a daily basis, but when I am going to the beach I will take my chances with SPF instead of a sunburn. I know Vitamin D is good for my initial post.
Unity...I would be willing to bet I know more about free radicals than you since I wrote my thesis for my PHD on that and Eicosanoids (if you want to know much about those you will have to go to a UNIVERSITY library, there isn't a whole lot on the net about them and they aren't in most dictionaries). I graduated with a BS when I was 21, an MBA by the time I was 24. I have been a member of MENSA since I was 11, I was the salutatorian of my graduating class and I am currently working on my PHD. I'll trust myself more than you tan addicts.
PS My mom gets carded at 51. She sprays and wears sunscreen :)
So your lesser educated than I, your point?
OMG! I made a post! :)
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