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Re: New Concept here... airbrush tanning

This is what I believe based on what I have read.

uv rays are good for you ..your body needs it.

traditional "chemical" sunscreens are full of nasty chemicals and perservatives that are known carcinogens and are known to create free radicals which cause wrinkles...especially when heated.

i have worn traditional sunscreen my whole life. I have also used facial moisturizers and makeup that contained sunscreen for half my life ( I am 30 yo). Last year I had a basal cell skin cancer removed from my face. I've had a lot of sunscreen on my face from different sources. Why at 29 years old should I have skin cancer on my face?

the rate of skin cancer has gone up globally but so has the rate of sunsreen use.

do not trust that just because the fda and traditional medicine tells you something that it is true.

i now use sunscreens with no chemicals, only zinc and titanium dioxide. To be honest, they kind of suck. They are not water proof and you have to really rub them in. But, I believe they are the way to go for me and my skin type.

i now use facial cleansers, moisturizers and makeup without chemical spf.
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