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Re: New Concept here... airbrush tanning

True about UVA-that's why I wear sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and sit under an umbrella :)

I have read both sides of the whole sun is good/sun is bad debate, but my stance comes from PERSONAL RESEARCH and EXPERIENCE.

I make it a point to ask all medical professionals I run into about their views on the sun, I have yet to meet one who said NOT to wear SPF and to lay in tannig beds! I know there are some publications with docs saying its ok, but I wonder who is funding their studies?!

I have grown up in Alabama and Florida all of my life, and lucky for me when I was younger I HATED getting hot and sweaty outdoors so my laying out was at a minimum. Some of my friends would actually climb on the roof of their houses to lay out on a black surface (or on a trampoline) and coat themselves w Afro Sheen or Baby Oil! Those same friends that I have termed "tanorexics" also kept up their tanning in the winter via tanning bed. My mom wouldn't let me get in bc she is a nurse and worked in Cali on a special study involving the first generation of tanning bedders that were getting into middle-age and had a spike in the % of melanoma than the generations prior to them did. I tried to warn my that we are getting into our mid-late 20s they all look well over 30 (poor things) and several (the ones who laid in tanning beds daily) have already had pre-cancerous tumors cut off all over their bodies! ICK! Me and the few other gals who chose not to cook ourselves religiously (I am guilty of pre-prom tanning) get carded and mistaken for much younger ALL THE TIME! All the bakers are like man we shoulda listend to yall!

PS I was totally joking about the 20 yr old guy, I am actually happily married to someone almost 20 yrs my senior...he wears his sunscreen too ;)
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