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Re: This is what were are paying for!

well that was just horrible ! That doesnt put a very good light on the men over there but those arss holes would do that here at home also.they are not good people and for sure wernt brought up by good people that set a good example but you cant put ALL of the army marine airforce into 1 bucket and say thats why you dont support them...!!!! my son has been over there to do HIS job and defend YOU and your family.I find it a discrace for you to say you dont support our military.No i dont want our men and women over there by no means at all.But there is a diffrence in that you dont support the whole war thing but not to support our troops man thats a low blow to them as they are losing lives everyday! i also dont think we need to be over there BUT i dont think any of those men and women if they had a choice would either do you?
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