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Is it possible to hide tan lines when spray tanning??!!

Hi everyone :)

I have had lots of positive feedback from my spray tanned clients over the past few months in my new business.

The one thing I have had people ask me is if I can blend their tan lines to match there tanned skin. I have an HVLP system which works great for even coverage and I usually do a second lighter coat over pale areas ie. upper thighs/arms which turns out great. It's not really possible to hide tan lines such as sunglass marks, sandal marks or shoulder strap marks is it?? I know that it is likely to blend abit more when it's all tanned but there will obviously still be a difference. Does anyone have any tips?? It's just that I've had a few people say this to me and of course I want to help them so they come back to me!!

I know this is abit of a silly question.. just like some advice :)

Thankyou :)

Mel @ Sugar Spritz
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