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Re: Accutane

My best friend took accutane and she has never regretted it. She had horrible acne, huge almost cyst like breakouts that were very painful and tanning didn't help it. The only side effect she experience was severely dry skin-- to the point where it was flaking off in huge pieces. And she couldn't tan for 6 months. But she is happy now that she did it because she rarely has a blemish anymore.

Even if your doc didn't tell you all the side effects, you could read them all on your own because they are on the packaging. I've never seen a medication with that big of a warnings list. It folded out like 4 seperate sections with warnings and side effects, not to mention the pictures of a baby with a big red X over it warning users to not be pregnant while taking it.

EVERYTHING has risks. There is no 1 thing that fully causes something. It takes many factors.
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