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Re: Life Expectancy of Tanning Beds and Depreciation

Thank you all for your input so far. That makes sense to me. That 0.15 to 0.20 cent price depreciation seemed a bit much, and like most things, the make and model obviously is crucial. I will post the make a model of all the beds in the salon being considered for purchase either today or tomorrow. I am looking to buy the salon (i.e. the business), and not just the assets; however, I'm trying to estimate the value of the business as accurately as possible, so obviously the beds are a very important asset to consider. Having to replace beds in the short term could hurt profit margins considerably, and would be negotiation leverage if properly assessed.

How many salons do you own SunSally? What about you unity and megatanman?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I am new to this industry. Particularly, information regarding how to properly estimate a salon business and what insider questions to ask when purchasing a salon would be the most useful right now. Being in the business, what kind of insider information should I know about? What kind hidden fees are associated with running a tanning salon? Anything! I am open to learn from those with experience. Thanks.
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