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I vote for DERF!
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I have not had a chance to use it, but from what I heard it works well.

As mentioned, its a bronzer used in Australian Gold and Swedish Beauty products. On these lines you will see "fourth dimension bronzers", "10 dimension bronzers", etc....

The first dimension is the 1 to 2 day bronzers that wash off, such as walnut oil.
The second will be bronzers that last longer and do not wash off, such as DHA (dihydroxyacetone).
From the third up you have the DermaDarks. So a "fourth" dimension bronzer will likely have 2 DermaDarks in it.

What DermaDark does: First they are clear, scent free bronzers. They also do not wash off, you can shower right after you tan. While they are bronzers, they essentially jump start the skins tanning process to get it darker. Think if as being more like a skin treatment for a darker tan than a bronzer. But this process takes a little time, effects are most noticed that day after the tan. The best part is they do NOT need UV light to work. I think there is a daily moisturizer out there that has it, while its not a self-tanner (wont get you darker and darker) you could use it to maintain a tan for several days if you can not get to a tanning bed.
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