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Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)

HELLO Alwaystanner, Yes I was e-mailed back by Ray about relocating my machine. He said he was sorry about my mis-fortune and my mis-understanding about the marketing program of the Lumiere machine. He also said he had no intentions of helping me out because he was aware of my thread on Tan Talk. He said I had discouraged others in my market area from buying a Lumiere machine. A friend of mine who owns a salon about 50 miles from me just sold her salon and the new owners wanted nothing to do with the Lumiere machine. It is in her garage at home. She told the financing company to come and pick it up. She also is ready to join me in contacting an attorney. I will PM you. I can't believe so many people were sucked into this and won't voice their anger. Have you noticed the new Ads now say that Lumiere is for the salon that has maxed out in the tanning business and are looking for new avenues of revenue???? .....LOL-I have pictures of Ray and Tony singing a song called "The Death of the Slow Season" What a Joke. So Glad to hear from you. You've stoked my fire...................

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