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Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)

TJ, has there been a call back from RAI on "relocating" your machine? I just got thru reading all the posts and I was also told the same thing about national marketing and jump on early. I received my unit in November 05 and spent over $5K in local advertising, free sessions, etc. and nothing... I was acually called 2 times by their marketing dept. to see if I was interested in buying a machine. They don't even know who has the machines. Both of my reps have quit. If a group wants to get together and make a call to a lawyer pm me. This is a joke, but a way too expensive joke. The only place I see them advertising is in the trade mags to sell to more salons - nothing to the public. And the 2 page marketing kit, give me a break. Sorry, I have to go make a $700 payment.
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