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Re: Steroids and skin care.......

I will answer his question since most on here are pushing their own agenda.

I have done (3) 12 week cycles in 5 years.

The only thing that helped my acne was:

A.) Indoor tanning (preferably a stand-up)
B.) Proactive (but it only works temporality) So start it in week 2-3

For the record. I have not a doubt that many of you have put way worse things in your body (and I am not necessarily referring to illegal and/or banned substances) Do you drink diet soda?

When I did my cycles, I went to my Doctor every other week for blood test and a general check up. She did not approve but agreed to help.

Nothing went wrong, because I did it correctly. If it were not illegal maybe more people would do it correctly also.

And remember all you mud slingers: Even God does not propose to judge a man until the end of days.

So why would I or this young man do such a thing?

I am 6’2” and at age 22 I weighed 155 pounds. CHICKS DON’T DATE BEAN POLES

I am now 30 and healthy as can be at 220 pounds and 19% body fat. I have not even had a common cold in 6 years. What you eat is what kills most people. Oh yea, my is OK also! Although that one looks concerned.

You think you know about “roids” because you watched a few programs on TV, right?

Well think about this. Most Americans think they will get skin cancer from going in a tanning bed once; because of watching TV :sarcasm:

Are you really educated enough to speak what you speak?

Or is it like a Dermatologist talking about tanning beds.

Stone, Be safe and get checked up regularly. Use a stand-up and get away from Nivia products.

At least I am not a fat slob; the #1cause of rising helath care.

Oh look at me, I want my $35 per hour GM job and want to eat donunts all day when I call in on one of my 14 personal days, and then ****** when jobs start going over seas because of Union pension benifits and RISING HEALTH CARE.

Let's talk about all the porkers walking around in at the ITA show last year. This is costing everyone money, even you and I. At least tan fat looks better than white fat, although it is still just as unhealthy; even more so than "roids"

BTW, I am not saying that anyone who commented on this thead is fat.

Just my $0.02

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