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Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)

Hello Lee! I Hope your season is off to a good start.

With a 12 month commitment you can secure the amount the customer is going to pay and therefor include their product if you wish.


$99.99 down and $79.99 month, would be an intensive (R or F) plus a (R or F) maintaince. I would give them thier 30 day kit up front and at the end of thier 30 days or 12 sessions, I would then give them thier 90 day kit. (this is why you must have a 12 month contract if you include the at-home kits in the price)

Any additional products they want/need I allow a 15% discount since they are "members" ie. another 90 day kit, clearing swabs, serum 21, ECT.

You can structure these EFT's in a number of ways, feel it out and see what works best for you clients. (More $ up front / less $ per month <vs> less up front / more per month)

We always include the cost of the tri-packs, we have never sold them sepratly.

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