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Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)

EFT programs are great for Lumiere


$99.99 down, $79.99 month (12-month EZ-Pay) = $1,059.87 for the year

$79.99 a month sounds much better to a client than one thousand dollars.

Just think what 50 customers on this plan can do to your bottom line. When you consider that after COGS you are left with a profit margin of 81%

So... $1059.87 x 50 @ 81% = $42,924.74

Just fifty customers!

Write an advetorial, or do "mini" magazines with a good refined mailing list of Women ages 40-75. Go and set up a booth at womens expos (spend some money and make it look good though). Work on seting up referal programs that pay CASH or GIFT CARDS to hair stylest, massage and nail techs. They talk all day long to women who spend money on
beauty products, why not have them talking about your salon and Lumiere?

Go door to door (local area stores) and offer a good discount to the owner/manager to put up a display. Work trade angles, Join a women's networking group. Host "Lumiere partys" ECT.

I am developing a new pricing structure, that I will be testing in March. I will post results when all is said and done.

Sorry for the "cut and Paste" but I am slammed with projects right now. The above info is a great place to start.

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