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Re: Ten basic tips to opening a salon.

You guys forgot what happens if you buy a existing salon:

Add this rule: don't let the previous owner off the hook. Be sure that you understand what he is telling his employees and be sure that if you intend not to hire them that you have a plan. Employees who are disgruntled do things like tell the customers they are leaving and PO the customers. Employees do things like damage the salon in ways that are not seen during your walk thru before you accept the keys to the business. Employees can harm the goodwill of the business so be sure that you have details in the business purchase outlined so that you can recover financially if the goodwill is harmed.

A lot of us have been there and had that happen to us. And don't forget, sometimes the competition is worse than a disgruntled employee.... they'll come and damage your salon in ways you can't imagine. All in the name of business... and preventing you from making a buck.
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