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Re: peeing in trash cans

It shouldn't be that hard trying to figure out who it is. If you go in there before they tan (from the person before them,) to clean the bed and check the entire room (including trash can) and then go in there after they tan and clean the room and check the entire room (including trash cans), make it a routine. You should know who it is by simply looking in your system and seeing who tanned in that room. Once you've figured that out. Make a note so that next time you can confront them about the situation. I would confront them if this has happened. For many reasons. You have other clients tanning and if they were to go into the room after that person and noticed the trash can or even the smell you might loose a potential client who isn't peeing in your trashes. Two, if they were to get cought in an alley they would be put in jail or ticketed for it... there's no reason you shouldn't be able to make that an example for them and let them know you will notify the police if it were to happen again.
We can't just let people walk into our salons and urinate where they want!
If you feel uncomfortable doing that, then maybe make a funny sign saying we don't pee in your _____ so don't pee in our trash, restroom is down the hall and to the right. And place the sign right above the trash can.
Just don't let them get away with that. It needs to be addressed for you and your other paying clients.
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