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Re: Ten basic tips to opening a salon.

AHH the memories.. I was naive was I not?? LOL
All valid recomendations to add to the list boys and girls.

Feel free to make a new on I think if we tried itthe number of tips to do it and do it right would be in teh neighbporhood of 30-40 ..JMHO

Leo darling that was a given...
You don't go shopping for big ticket items without teh means to afford it in place do you?
Even if it is lbusiness loan, Thru refinancing your home, a from a family/friend loan or money you have saved. Without money or AT the very least good credit why would anyone consider it.

I would however follow this advice...I believe it was west side tanner that said
More money, that you don't have to pay back to anyone!!
wow it was neon..west side only quoted it.GOOD one neon!
than go to step one....IMHO
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