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Holy crap, that RollingStone story sends shivers as I consider what my 2 year old has had injected lately.

I didn't know Terri's post was moved to Spam, as I've been extremely busy working with Terri/Landlord/Brokers/Vendors/Contractors to get our 2nd location off the ground.

As a salon owner, I welcome any veteran or outsider who has input to make the industry better. Do I have time to research this? Nope, but I'd support any effort to help. I was under the impression that SmartTan or *gulp* "the other one" would do this, but I've been disappointed with what I've observed in the last year or so. So I find myself in the unfamiliar realm of completely, without exception, agreeing with Sheila, Ramcat and Engfant on this topic.

I'll leave it at that before I start something I don't have time to finish

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