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See your attorney for a civil case and call the Baltimore Sheriff Department for fraud. You will not see any money from this guy and thats probley the last you'll hear from him as well. Its been well over a year and I have yet to see sh#%! He told someone he took my money because his car broke down and his girlfriend left him ect. ect. The bank where he cashed my check is out for him also as he was overdrawn and took the $ out ASAP (yes J.P I understand your reading this, call your old bank and get it worked out). Someone prompted me to see a photo of this guy on not long ago, which i informed him of, then he cancelled it or else you could've all seen his balding head, hairy chest sitting in the hot tub. We could all learn a lesson from Mr. Stork....Dont bust your *** to make a living when you can steal from people. Like I said contact your attorney and the police, he already has pending cases from what I have been told. He has nothing to loose, nothing going for him, he just preys on people to scam.
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