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My husband and I are looking to open a tanning salon and wanted some advice. We live in an area that will support 23 beds demographically. There is one 6 bed salon in our town that has been here for at least the 5 years that we have lived here. They have very old beds,a not so appealing salon, and are only open from 9 to 7 even in the busy season. The town has been rapidly growing since we moved here. In the last year they have put in 4 new subdivisions, a Wendy's, subway, and several new resturants. We used to only have a McDonald's. We have a place picked out and are working on lease negotiations. The site that we have picked out is in the largest strip mall in town next to the only grocery store, movie store, laundry mat, Dollar General, etc. We were thinking about putting 12 units in our salon. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to whether or not this would be something we should venture in to. I am really starting to wonder about this. I was very excited when we first talked about it but after reading all of the negative posts about opening a new salon I am starting to wonder if it will be worth it. I am a stay at home mom and my husband makes plenty of money to pay the bills so its not like I am quitting a job to run the salon. My kids are all going to be in school full time this year and I am not one who sits around all day long doing nothing. We aren't looking to make big bucks, but we want to pay the bills the first few months and hope to start making some kind of profit within the first several years. Our main concern at first is making sure we have enough money to cover the bills coming in. Can someone tell me what they think, If they would go forward with opening a salon in this type of area.
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