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Great thread as I'm really learning alot.

To get back on track, yes a small salon can survive. I'm in a small village of 1k. This March we will be in business for 1 year. I started out with 2 beds and recently added another one. Business is has been great all year and we really never noticed a slow season. I'm current running around 50% to 75% capicity of tanners that I could do in a day. We provide excellant service, cleanest salon and friendly knowledgable staff (hubby and me.....LOL). I'm really surprised at all the new customers were are getting. As for changing out beds, I would say it all depends on your location, other salons in the area, advertising and so forth. I have to agree with Neon somewhat on this, whats good in one location isn't always good in another. There is no way in h$ll that a 20- 40k bed would work around here especially if your changing $15 to $20 per visit. I am a little worried as a hair salon moved into town and is going to offer sunless and I heard 2 beds. But I look at it this way, provide the best service and reasonable pricing and we will survive. Not only that we have better hours of operation, where as they will close at 5. As for specials, I do a monthly special each month even during the busy season. Last month I did a Valentine's/Tan with a friend type special. Buy on package at regular price and get a 2nd at 1/2 price. Had to be 2 people to get this offer. Sure I got a bunch of the regular tanners buying it, but hey it's nice to let them get a little bettr deal. But I was surprised at all the new customers we got. As far as making a living, I'd have to say we are keeping our head above water and haven't got sick of Mac & Cheese yet. But I'm sure as thing go on we will increase our earnings. We will continue to offer the best service around.

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