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On 2005-02-23 15:45:00, TotalEclipse wrote:
Hey everyone...I could be wrong, but it looks like most of you think that you have to be small to provide good customer service, to remember their names and faces, to remember they just came home from vacation, etc. I would certainly hope that is not the case. We are getting to the lower 400s in tanner count per day right now, and we are able to recognize the majority of our tanners by name/face, remember small details that they share with us, etc. I completely agree with you that a good portion of the chains/franchises do lose that personal touch, but it is not the case with all big salons. Maybe it's because we're not a franchise....don't know...just wanted to add me .02

I wanted to apologize if I gave that impression. I truly did not mean to imply that the larger salons do not give as much as smaller salons. I was commenting that I do believe that small salons can compete and survive.

I am glad that you do so well in your salon, I don't know that I could keep up with that many people and not go crazy.....but I am willing to try : )

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