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I love Derf!!
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110% YES!!!

Focus on the critical things:

1) Make sure you offer a great tan!
You do not have to have the best coolest looking beds, you do need to have great lamps that deliver a tan! The reality is beds are simply power sources for lamps!

2) Have great customer service!
You are an owner/operator, you will always be better than some hourly employee for a mega chain. Act that way! Make it personal!

3) Keep your overhead low!
You do not have unlimited capital. Think 3 times before spending every dollar. What can you do for less or do yourself.

4) Do not complete with the Mega salons.
Try not to sell the same lotions, they can buy them for less than you can. Your personal sales efforts will only send your customers to buy the same product from the mega salon at a lower price. Do not complete with them on tanning prices, you can not win. Set your price and live with it. Be happy it's yours!
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